Nick (nickmurdoch) wrote,

August 2016

In August I babysat a bunny and defeated a sheep.

The bunny

I looked after my brother's rabbit, Toby, while he and his fiancée were on holiday. Toby is quite a grumpy rabbit but goes nuts when he thinks there's food to be had.

He particularly likes dandelion leaves and basil.

The sheep

Emily, Tim, Pete, Matt and I met up to do the third ClueQuest escape room, and we won it with barely a minute left on the clock! The rough storyline is that you have to stop an evil sheep from taking over the world. It was extremely fun and everyone left feeling like they'd solved a good share of the puzzles themselves.

We've now done "Missions" 2 and 3 (Pete & Matt did the first one with other people) and we'll organise Mission 1 at some point in the future. I'd recommend it, and if you fancy joining us, get in touch.

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