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February 2016

February was a month of birthdays, with Emily's first, for which we had friends over, played board games and had Japanese takeaway; Emily's Mum's next, for which I helped Emily sort out a surprise party; and then Jodi's, where we ate creme egg toasties, played in a ball pit, and ate experimental vegan pizzas.

Pancake Day

On pancake day, we ate savoury and sweet pancakes. I can't remember what was in the savoury since I'm writing this a bit late, but it sure looked like this:

Emily's birthday

I made Emily her requested tres leches cake and I'm rather pleased how it came out.

We had Emily's friends over for the day, and they brought Lords of Waterdeep with them to play. We also played The Resistance and Tokkaido.

For dinner we ordered a Japanese takeaway and watched Mitchell and Webb on TV.

Chinese New Year

The next day we went into London for the Chinese new year celebrations. There was music, lots of floats, and people dressed up as the various animals.

Magical Lantern Festival

We visited the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick Gardens, where various mostly-animal-shaped lanterns were arranged along a route. We recognised a fair few of them from Christmas at Kew!

My favourites were the pandas:

and the lit-up pagoda, though not technically a lantern:

Jodi's birthday

I met squirmelia and some of her friends at the pop-up Creme Egg Café in Soho, which offered creme egg toasties, and a ball pit for grown-ups!

The ball pit was less deep than the Museum of Happiness's one in January, but that made it easier to move around in. On the wall were some pipes and a few targets for attempting to throw the balls into, which was fun, harder than it looked, and gave a bit of a sense of purpose to being in the pit.

We then got our toasties, which tasted surprisingly good; like a toasted nutella sandwich (I suppose this was to be expected!)

After this we went to the café at Foyles for some real food, and then we visited Fed By Water, a vegan-friendly pizza restaurant somewhere near Shoreditch. I had a calzone with seitan and vegan mozzerella, both of which were pretty horrible, but I do like trying new things! It would possibly have been better if we hadn't had an hour-long wait after which the filling was still a little cold.

We then went to a bar that offered video games to play at each table, and was aptly named the Loading Bar. I played Lego Harry Potter and it was fun to do co-operative. The cocktails available were also all puns on video games, such as "Skyrum". Well, it made me chuckle, anyway!

Surprise birthday party

Emily managed to get a bunch of family and friends together for her Mum's birthday and we managed to surprise her by going out for a walk, and having everyone turn up while we were out. Stalling Margaret was pretty difficult but fortunately everyone got there well within our hour time range and the surprise was not spoiled!

We sneakily brought half-finished cakes and some nibbles with us that weekend, and had Sainsbury's deliver more food while we were out. Tim did a great job at assembling the cake and prepping the food after it had arrived. My contribution were these hand-made pizza bites, which I was pretty pleased with the result:

We had a pretty good selection of savoury for lunch, plus a big pink cake and a Black Forest Gateau.

For dinner we had oven-cooked salmon. As some after-dinner entertainment, Emily, Tim, Margaret, Emily's brother Tom, and myself spent the best part of an hour trying to dig Tom's landrover out of the sodden patch of field he'd parked in to hide!

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