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August 2015

In August I visited a Roman Amphitheatre, walked the last stretch of the South Downs for the year, and baked and decorated a bothy-shaped fruit cake.

Silchester Roman Amphitheatre

In the first weekend of the month I visited Tim in his new place in Didcot. We also walked to the remains of a roman amphitheatre along with a roman wall at Silchester.

South Downs: Lewes to Devil's Dyke

I walked this part of the South Downs with Rachel the next weekend. It overlapped a little with the walk I'd done last month, but was mostly new territory.

We started off with a breakfast/brunch with some of Rachel's friends in Brighton, and caught the train to Lewes to start walking at around 1100.

It was the best weather I'd had for the South Downs yet, and walking in the sunshine is much more pleasant than in the wind and rain. The path even has water taps every dozen miles or so, so I wasn't worried too much about water, though I did pack on the cautious side.

While the Downs themselves are hills, most of the rest of walks had been along the top of them, meaning there was only a gradient at the start and end, and perhaps a couple more times along the way. However this stretch seemed particularly undulating, and so was a lot harder than I'd expected it to be. It was also a little longer than I'd hoped for Rachel's first big hike; sorry Rachel!

We reached Devil's Dyke and got the tourist bus back to Brighton, then the train back to London.

Dad's retirement cake

My Dad retired in August and my Mum organised a family get-together to celebrate. She "commissioned" me to make a fruit cake (his favourite) and asked if I could make it in the shape of a bothy, as he had plans to make a bothy-like tool shed in their new house.

I got to work, and I think it turned out pretty well:

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