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July 2015

In July I walked some more of the South Downs, cooked salmon in the (clean) dishwasher, met up with Rachel and friends at Hackney Downs Drinks Market, and played lots of Amiga games.

South Downs: Southease to Falmer

I had planned to walk from Southease railway station to Eastbourne but on the way down to Southease it started bucketing it down with rain. I decided that 25 kilometres was a little too much to ask in such conditions, and set off in the other direction, towards Devil's Dyke, with Falmer station as my escape route option, which I ended up using.

The area around Southease was pretty, but I don't have any photos of it because of the rain. At one point I slipped and fell on my backside trying to get down a slope, but fortunately after that the rain stopped and the path improved.

The route had some good views, especially in the Castle Hill area, however they were spoiled a bit when Falmer Stadium came into view as a blotch on the landscape.

I decided to bail out at Falmer and ended up walking past the stadium, part of the university premises that seemed to have built up once-tiny Falmer station into a Frankenstein's monster of a post-game queueing/crowd-control system.

It was a shorter day out than I'd expected, but overall pretty good.

Dishwasher Salmon

Cooking salmon in the dishwasher: I have wanted to do this for years!

Salmon. Foil. Chinese Five Spice. Honey.

Wrap it up tight. 30 minutes ought to do the trick.

Cooked to perfection. Served with rice and soy sauce.

Probably should've cooked some vegetables too. Next time?

Full set of photos here.

Amiga 30

The Amiga computer was 30 years old in 2015 and so I decided to dust off some old games from when my family had an Amiga 500 (or 600, I forget) back in the early nineties.

However I couldn't find my Workbench ROMs, which you need to launch anything on the emulators. Fortunately I discovered Amiga Forever which will happily sell you them along with some games (none of which I recognised).

I played Bart Simpson vs the Space Mutants (for about five minutes before getting bored, as in the 90s), Apidya (super fun, super hard), Captain Planet, and finally Myth, which I used to get too scared to play past the Siren on Level 2 (d'awww) -- though how I even managed to get past level 1 at the time with no walkthroughs on Google I have no idea.

What other Amiga games should I try?

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