Nick (nickmurdoch) wrote,

October 2014

Apart from making chocolate, in October I also bleached a design on a t-shirt, fed squirrels and watched pelicans being fed, carved a pumpkin, and saw Nerina Pallot at the Union Chapel.

T-shirts, pumpkins, and Nerina Pallot


Having seen some bleach effect t-shirts on the Internet, Emily and I decided to make our own t-shirt designs. Emily used sticky-back plastic and traced our silhouettes from a photo of us on top of a mountain (Ill Crag in the Lake District, I thnk). I gathered some small leaves on a trip out to Petts Wood, and used pennies to hold them flat against the t-shirt.

We filled a watering spray bottle with a mix of 1 part bleach to 1 part water, and took the t-shirts outside to the patio, using a bit of old worktop from the old kitchen as a flat surface to lay them flat on, and a piece of cardboard inside to stop the bleach soaking all the way through the t-shirt.

It took a bit of practice to get the spray to settle as a mist on the t-shirt and not look too directed, but once we'd managed that we ended up with the following results. We're both super-pleased with how they turned out, and I'm hoping to come up with a sticky-back-plastic design myself soon.

Squirrels and Pelicans

I got some lovely photos of the squirrels in St James Park when we went along with a bag of monkey nuts.

We also watched the Pelicans being fed. They are amazing to watch, and as always they were massive show-offs to the crowd.

The heron also managed to sneak a fish:


Here were our offerings for Hallowe'en, a tiger from Emily and a bat from me. We were staying at Emily's mum's and her village had a couple of other lanterns placed at people's driveways, so we followed suit.

Nerina Pallot

Finally, a wonderful surprise from Emily, who took me on a mystery date on 24 October. We ended up at the Union Chapel, where, it turned out, Nerina Pallot, my favourite singer, was performing. It was the first gig I've ever been to (I know, for shame) and it was awesome to see her perform songs that got me through Uni in person.

The venue itself was really cool; a church hall where we sat in pews and drank hot chocolate while the warm-up acts were on stage. I think this is how I would want every gig I go to to be like!

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