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September 2014

Hi everyone! I'm starting to catch up with these entries now. I was busy every weekend of September, although I'm leaving BarCamp for another entry for now.

Fire gardens, Dutch visitors, and blackberry jam

Heron Tower

I met Emily in my company's offices in Heron Tower one day when I happened to be in for a meeting. We discovered that the management's floor has a balcony with stunning views to the West of London. Then we went up and down the outside lifts a couple of times which is also good fun! (Then I got back to work.)

Battersea Fire Garden

Battersea Power Station's ground were hosting Carabosse, a group of artists that make fire gardens in various places. Emily had previously seen them at Stonehenge, and although we didn't get one of the random draw tickets, we decided to go along since their email said they would let people in as others left.

As it happened, we arrived expecting a massive queue, but instead were only fifth in the non-ticket queue, and they let everyone in right at the beginning!

The fire garden itself had a wonderful atmosphere. It was tailored to Battersea, with a grid of flames on the side of the power plant along with the various installations on ground level that people were free to wander around. It wasn't too busy and there was some ethereal music being performed that, along with the air heavy with the smell of smoke and hot metal, gave the garden a magical atmosphere.

We sat on the grass in front of a rotating spiral of flaming garden pots, then swung on an ironwork swinging bench.

There were lots of different bits of artwork, from the attention-grabbing fire chimneys that belted out a tower of flame when the squeaky wheel was spun by one of the artists, to understated works like a wall of upturned light bulbs, each filled with lamp oil and a wick sticking out of the neck.

We could have stayed there all night. It wound down around 22:30 though, in time for us to get back home to sleep.

Uncle's Wedding

We went to my Uncle Russell's wedding, which was in a manor house in Martock, Somerset. There were bottles of bubble mix at the table and the cake was actually a collection of cupcakes with a garden animal on each one. The photographer was totally manic and brought some chickens with her for the children to play with. It was good fun!

Dutch Visitors

fuzzie and Bertram visited for a few days. Apart from walking along the Thames Southbank and going to the Natural History museum, we also visited Forbidden Planet and the Orc's Nest in Covent Garden where we bought a board game, Takenoko, which Emily and I also own a copy of and think is great fun.

I also made cupcakes, with icing in four different flavours I fancied trying: coffee, orange zest, lemon zest, and Ribena. The orange zest ones turned out the best; it was like having an orange perched upon the cupcake.

Blackberry jam

While at Emily's mum's I also made some blackberry jam with hand-picked blackberries. Blackberry jam is my favourite and this batch is really tasty. Nom nom toast!

Maths of Futurama at the Science Museum

On the Friday night before BarCamp (more on that next post) I went to see David X Cohen and Al Jean being interviewed at the Science Museum by Simon Singh. The event took place in the museum's IMAX theatre, which to get to involved going up an escalator to the attic and climbing a lot more stairs. It was quite odd. The foyer area was filled with 3D-printed odds and bods which was interesting to look at while waiting for the doors to open.

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